The question is no longer why, but “how”

Aura – Measure and improve employee engagement through our proven methodology, experts and the moments that matter for your organisation. All supported by the platform.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella‘s statement ranking employee engagement as a top priority indicates how employee engagement has become a major challenge for current business owners. Several studies have shown that engaged employees lead to more turnover.

Business leaders are asking themselves how to implement sustainable employee engagement with 4 generations on board.

Engagement programs offer a broader perspective than the focus on the well-being or happiness of employees, at least if they are in line with the corporate values and purpose of the organization.

The question is no longer why but "how"

Start with the free test and measure your engagement

According to Gallup research, companies with committed employees achieve twice as much turnover and up to 4 times as much profit compared to other companies. The bad news however is that 87% of employees are not committed -or even actively disengaged.

Would you like to know for yourself what the engagement of the employees in your organisation is like? Take the free and anonymous engagement test. You will receive the whitepaper, full of tips and tricks for your organisation.

Are you looking for a benchmark? Have a look at the public Herculean Engagement Index.

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Make a plan

The Herculean Alliance developed its own methodology – based on best practices – to measure and improve employee engagement, implement the growth mindset and build a team of teams. We help you to enthusiastically connect your organisation with the purpose of the company. But also to face technological challenges, boost leadership skills and bring your company values to life. We help you find the purpose of your organisation, activate your community and make your people proud and confident for the future.

Inge and Klaus are currently writing a book. It is about the impact of employee engagement on customer delight. With a lot of useful cases. Would you like to hear them at work or book them as keynote speakers? Send us a message.

Reboot program
aura een netwerk van experten in employee engagement

Network of experts

Herculean Alliance has an ecosystem of +50 trusted experts in various fields, ranging from leadership, stress management, mental coaching, nutrition, team dynamics, well-being, business transformation and trajectories around corporate values.

Our engagement consultants work out a bespoke program to optimise employee engagement, supported by our platform.

Choose phygital

We believe in “phygital”: the connection between physical experiences and the digital world. The Herculean platform plays a crucial role in every transformation process.

Together we create one inspiring story about your purpose and transform your employees into ambassadors. We reduce the administration involved in an employee engagement programme. This allows you to focus on the things that really matter.

The cloud solution is easy to set up, personalise and activate. Integrates with productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams.

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Improve engagement with moments that matter

Make your events moments that matter. Use these special moments to measure and improve the culture within your tribe.

Your company culture is unique. Your brand is one out of a thousand. And that unique feeling should also be reflected in the way you interact with your fans, customers, employees, their families or other stakeholders during large and small gatherings. From the yoga class, the workshops to the staff party or the family day. The story has to be right.

The combination of our platform, our formats and B2B know-how will solve many challenges for you. We co-create with a lot of pleasure.

Organise a moment that matters? Bring teams back together with HUB

Participate in the awards

According to the HR barometer 2019 of HRmagazine and Vlerick Business School, engagement comes second in the HR manager’s list of priorities.

To raise awareness about engagement, we have launched the Employee Engagement Awards. Under the leadership of Conny Vandendriessche, a jury of 12 experts and a youth jury will look for great cases whose insights we will share with our community.

There’s no better way to get started with employee engagement than the prospect of shining with your team at the awards.

Employee Engagement Awards
Co-creation with your team: Aura - measure and improve employee engagement

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