Employee Engagement Awards 2023 in Belgium


The 2023 Employee Engagement Awards in Belgium have wrapped up, marking another successful edition filled with powerful testimonies and inspiring stories. This year’s event highlighted enthusiastic reactions from participants who benefited greatly from the learning trajectory and the vibrant community.

Highlights of the 2023 Edition

After an exciting journey with our dedicated coaches, a thorough evaluation by our esteemed jury members, and the excitement of TV recordings, the laureates finally received their well-deserved trophies. Congratulations to our winners: MATEXI, PAU, TOPDESK, and MOoN RECRUITMENT!

The winners had ample opportunity to share their strategies for enhancing employee engagement within their organizations during the inspiring 5th Conference. Both the jury and the coaches contributed valuable insights. Starting October 16th, viewers could follow these enlightening interviews in our brand-new studio on Kanaal Z, featured in Z Extra. These interviews became some of the most-watched broadcasts on Kanaal Z this year! You can still catch these conversations on the Kanaal Z website.

Bringing the awards to the UAE

Building on our success in Belgium, we are thrilled to introduce the Employee Engagement Awards to the UAE. Together with Omnicom and Eleven we rebranded the format to the Bravos! Our program is designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding employee engagement initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

How it works

Registration opens at the beginning of January each year. From then on, our coaches guide participants through a comprehensive learning journey. In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, maintaining high engagement and a clear vision is crucial. Our coaches help you examine your policies on engagement and well-being, ensuring alignment with strategy, customer satisfaction, innovation, and culture.

As a candidate, you will receive personalized feedback from our coaches to identify your unique strengths and enhance your people strategy. The final submission deadline is the end of September, but guidance begins as soon as you register. We also organize various networking events, called Labs, providing opportunities to connect informally with jury members, former candidates, and the entire community.

Join Us in 2024

Are you interested in participating in the 2024 Employee Engagement Awards as a partner, jury member, coach, or candidate? Contact us to learn more and get involved. Experience learning, sharing, and networking in one seamless journey.

Join us in celebrating and advancing employee engagement in the UAE, drawing on our successful model from Belgium. Let’s create a brighter future for workplaces together!