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Ever Considered Organizing Your Own Company Olympics?


A fully customized event tailored to your culture and catering to everyone’s preferences? It’s a great idea! And you’re not alone—company game days in festival style are becoming increasingly popular! Wherever you are in the world, we can help you create your company olympics event through 25 years if know-how that is aggregated in our SAAS platform.

Growing popularity

More and more companies want to organise their own company games for their employees. The reasons for this growing popularity are clear: it’s a fantastic way to bring everyone together in an informal setting. You can even create an engagement program building up to the event.

Especially with the current hybrid work environment, it’s no luxury to see everyone at the same time. It also gives you the opportunity to share key messages, celebrate employees appropriately, recognize company achievements, and express your organizational culture.

Additionally, you can completely customize the program and the activities to suit the interests and preferences of your specific audience. Whether you have mostly young employees, a mix of all ages, various ethnic backgrounds, a blend of workers and staff, or colleagues with disabilities, everyone can be themselves and feel connected to the organization.

Easier Said Than Done

While it sounds great, the reality check comes soon after the initial enthusiasm. You begin to realize that organizing your dream event takes an immense amount of time. 85% of your time is spent behind the scenes dealing with logistics—many unnoticed hours that often go unappreciated by others. And you haven’t even started on the visuals, concept, or event communication yet. If you want to create a real gamified feeling, you will also need teams, games, rules, leaderboards, scoresheets etc

Afterwards, you’ll also hear feedback on what went wrong: “The microphone cut out during the CEO’s speech,” “There wasn’t enough dessert at the buffet,” or the classic, “The restroom lines were too long.” You know the comments.

It’s not exactly motivating to hear when you’ve worked so hard to get everything done. Did you know that the job of an event manager (both internal and external) is one of the most stressful jobs in the world? Not to mention the pressure of liability. People often underestimate how mentally and physically demanding it is to work towards a single deadline where everything must come together. There’s no postponing, and Murphy’s law is always lurking, putting pressure on your budget. One thing is certain: problems will arise, and as an event manager, you’re constantly behind the scenes looking for solutions. Keep calm and carry on because the show must go on.

Dream Shattered?

Feeling panicked just thinking about it? Lost a bit of your enthusiasm and considering shelving your great idea? Don’t! Experience and expertise make all the difference here.

Before you abandon your dream, find a suitable partner. Not just any event organizer, but one with knowledge in all aspects of the job. Logistics, entertainment, and location are just part of it. The real difference lies in communication, culture, gamification, and technology.

This is exactly where Herculean Alliance comes in. If you don’t have a partner, we can help you with our ecosystem of agencies. Already working with an event agency? Great, we love collaborating with them and are perfectly complementary.

Together, we’ll develop the concept, brainstorm themes, and unique games. The event agency focuses on the overall organisation; we add the gamification layer through our team engagement platform. That will create a truly friendly competition. Our goal is to ensure you, as the internal organizer, can fully immerse yourself with minimal stress. Our greatest satisfaction comes when you can fully enjoy the event and receive compliments from your colleagues!

Too good to be true?

Not at all. Check out our references like ING, Novartis, Deloitte, Pomax, ACWA Power, Safmarine, Jaguar Landrover, Daman, Mazrui and so many others. And perhaps you’re already familiar with our Hercules Trophy? That’s where we gathered our gamification know-how. Since 1999, we’ve brought together thousands of employees from companies worldwide in our accessible corporate team challenge. The unique vibe is indescribable. Photos and videos only show a glimpse. Like a music festival, you need to experience it firsthand to truly understand it.

Whether it’s 5,000 employees and their families from a bank, an IT company pampering 1,000 clients, a media company giving thousands of children an unforgettable day, an event agency seeking an unforgettable team-building experience for a client, a consulting firm organizing the ideal team-building event, a pharmaceutical company celebrating an achievement, a family business celebrating a milestone, a government organisation thanking civil servants, a federation connecting its members, or a charity inspiring thousands of women, if done right, it always works!

Let’s Do This! 😎

In a nutshell, we love working with your in-house events team and/or your regular event agency. We act as your wingman, adding our know-how and ecosystem—all ingredients for guaranteed success and peace of mind.

Before you consider organizing everything yourself, remember that we ensure maximum time and cost savings and, of course, record-high engagement. Because that’s what we’re best known for. What else?