Wellbeing for non-profit organisation

Customer Case: Wellbeing Day for non-profit organisation Synkroon

Wellbeing for non-profit organisation. Who says only for large corporations can afford wellbeing? Here’s the example of Synkroon that proves the opposite.

Synkroon is a specialized centre in Belgium for training, accompaniment and mediation for people with a disability at work. The centre targets job seekers, employees and employers in order to achieve sustainable employment.

Synkroon was born out of a merger between 2 specialized centres, De Kiem and GOCI, that were both active for +30 years for the same target audience. The fusion between the two organisations was officially announced in the beginning of 2016. For the first 6 months of the year, the newly assembled team has worked hard internally to synchronise the organisation.

After the summer, the management team felt that it was time to pay attention to the team feeling. The aim was to organize a relaxed day with an extra touch in teambuilding.
Director Martine Verlinden chose a corporate wellbeing day in order to emphasize the wellbeing and happiness of all her co-workers.

It has been a very successful day for the team,” states Mrs. Verlinden. The formula “Move@Synkroon” with Sabine Appelmans gave an extra dimension in terms of content and motivation.

Synkroon Director Martine Verlinden

For many years already, our team has been very committed towards people with a disability. Coaching and convincing employers to open themselves towards this special group requires a lot of energy”.

That’s why the afternoon with Olympic Coach Serge Haubourdin was the perfect opportunity to learn and experience what mindfulness consists of. The Sleep Baby Sleep module with both theoretical tips and practical exercises based on how to improve your sleep was a perfect closing of the day.

The Synkroon team was very enthusiastic about the experience and clearly enjoyed the day, which was also very sunny and in a beautiful setting.  It’s Synkroon’s mission to be responsible for the wellbeing of employees. As a first action after this wonderful team day, Synkroon will elaborate a weekly movement session for the team, thanks to the input of Herculean Alliance.