Weight Watchers’ Dance Off Contest

Weight Watchers’ Dance Off Contest.I don’t know but I’ve been told, if you keep on dancing you’ll never grow old” as stated by Steve Miller in the classic by The Steve Miller Band. Weight Watchers got the point and asked Herculean Alliance to organize a genuine dance contest for their employees. It turned out to be a super fun filled afternoon! For those who’re still in doubt: dancing really is a superb way to bond with your colleagues and it gives you lots of energy.

40 coworkers were divided in 10 teams of 4 team members each, with two dance couples per team. The dancing coworkers understood that dancing is far more than just moving your arms and legs up and down and dressed for the occasion, changing their outfit for every battle. All couples danced the best they could in 4 different styles, trying to convince our professional dancers and jury members that they were in fact better than their challengers. No specific dance skills required!

The 4 styles were: Disco (what else), Capoeira, Hip Hop and Locking. After getting an unwinding movement exercise, the lost art of disco dancing was taught by Herculean dance coach Kelly. It was quite impressive to see how quickly the employees picked up the fabulous moves of the seventies.

After showing off their disco dancing skills, the teams got thirty minutes of practice for the next battle: Brazilian capoeira. Without any doubt one of the more difficult dance styles to master, but the employees of Weight Watchers definitely stood up to the test!

Next in line was Giovanni Kemper who got the participants into the urban moves of hip hop. Although some preparation was needed, it’s quite safe to say that our participants really felt the rhythm and quickly gained some points on their ‘streetcred rep’, on top of impressing our judges.

Finally, it was Youssef El K’s turn to teach our –by now quite experienced- dancers the wonders of locking. In case you’re wondering: locking somewhat resembles a malfunctioning robot, but it’s extremely cool and trendy nowadays.

Weight Watchers’ aim wasn’t trying to turn their employees into professional dancers, but rather trying to bond their team in a fun and sporty way. The day has been filled with a lot of laughter and fun, so they’ve definitely accomplished their goal. Weight Watchers clearly has a terrific team!