Pomax Games: celebrating 25 years in style

Pomax Games

Pomax Games: celebrating 25 years in style. One of the most prominent Belgian interior brands, Pomax, celebrates its 25 years of existence this year. The brand originally started as an importer and transformed into an interior brand with a flagship store in Antwerp and impressive international distribution with numerous shop-in-shops.

As is very often the case, the employees played a crucial role in this drastic transition of the organisation. Pomax’ vision on PEOPLE makes it very clear: “Be a great place to work as a team where people are inspired and empowered to be the best they can be.

A celebration for the employees was in order, and not your regular one. Herculean Alliance created an active team building day with fun and engagement as the most important ingredients based on a proven format.

We created a personalised website on our Herculean platform to make sure the celebration vibe would last for many weeks. Employees were divided in teams and the online competition took off weeks before the actual event! Teams were creating team identities, they challenged each other online and collected as many supporters as possible. A great example of employer branding! The employees arrived well prepared and pumped for a great day. They even created amazing outfits.

Friday, June 8th at Brasserie Il Capriani becamean unforgettable experience. Beautiful location by the lake, cozy atmosphere, great food, amazing weather, 6 challenges and a lot of laughter.

Kim Soete, HR Manager:The Pomax Team day was an absolute success. A smooth organisation, no worries, smiling faces… our colleagues had a great time bonding with each other. The pictures with great memories were shared all over the place. We loved all the different awards and the fire walk was a great surprise for everyone!

The Pomax batteries are fully charged for the next 25 years!