Fifthplay’s Fabulous Company Team Day

Fifthplay’s Fabulous Company Team Day. Fifthplay, a subsidiary of Niko group, is the go-to specialist in enriching smart homes and buildings. In short, their high-tech solutions give end users more control over their energy usage, which improves their overall energy efficiency and comfort.

Founded in 2007, the company’s grown a lot in a rapidly changing market. Changes in their internal organizational structure, have led to one big team in which all employees take part, instead of two different teams behind the Fifthplay and Niko brands. To emphasize the importance of everyone working together towards one common goal –expanding the Fifthplay brand even further-, the company’s decided to set up a company team day with Herculean Alliance. 

Their employees, a bunch of super motivated and all-round great people, immediately went all out for it. Coming up with clever team names, creating matching team outfits (like “Chocolate Salty Balls” for instance, with team members nicknamed Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny & Chef),…

The teams quickly got along perfectly, overcoming the language barrier between Spanish and Dutch speaking employees with ease. Nothing but smiles during the entire afternoon (and perhaps just a little sweat during the six challenges)!

After completing the labours, the participants received their much appreciated and delicious barbecue dinner at the waterfront in De Nekker Mechelen, prepared by Violetta Cléry. A welcome break right before the after-party –Fifthplay employees are not only experts in upgrading homes and businesses, but true party experts as well!

A couple of the participants even received a swift masterclass in deejaying, led by Sebastien Steylaerts, one of the two deejays behind the internationally prized DJ Nexuz. A superb way to start the party! Instead of one super star DJ behind the record player, there were now ten. Perhaps they too will one day start touring the globe from Tomorrowland in Boom to Singapore and back? Only time will tell, but what’s sure is: Fifthplay has got one rockin’ team!