Fan Friday: Hubo!

Fan Friday: Hubo! One of the biggest Hercules fans is Hubo. This year, they’ll be present for the third time in a row at Hercules Trophy. Last year was a big success, according to Gélica D’Haemer, team captain of ‘Hubo Turbo’, one of the eight teams that represented Hubo. You can watch the entire interview (in Dutch) in the video below, but here’s a quick summary in English.

Seeing as how you’re representing Hubo, I suppose you can fix everything?” says Erika Van Tielen, the reporter. “Yes, do-it-yourself style!” is the answer (for those who’re not familiar with Hubo, it’s the second largest retailer in DIY in Belgium). When asked about how the team’s doing at the Hercules Trophy, Mrs. D’Haemer says she’s proud of her team that’s performing well, even getting second places on two challenges.

Why did you come back this year and what makes Hercules Trophy so great?” the reporter asks. The answer goes as follows: “it’s a lovely event with fantastic activities that you can’t find anywhere else. The herculean atmosphere is amazing and the party afterwards is the pinnacle of it all.

Getting to know her team in a different environment is an import factor as well, she says and she’s glad that Hercules Trophy gave her the opportunity to see her colleagues in a new light, in a more social and friendly way.

Finally, our reporter asked if Team Passport had a battle cry to which the entire team responds: “Hubo: ALLES KAPOT JONGEN!!!” Roughly translated, it comes down to ‘break the house down’.

We’re looking forward to seeing them again in June and the same goes for you!