Customer Case: Hubo Trophy, powered by Herculean Alliance

Customer Case: Hubo Trophy, powered by Hercules Projects. On 2nd June,  Hubo, the second largest player in the Belgian DIY-market, held their strategy meeting with over 150 employees.

Revising annual goals and targets, is a must for every company, but Hubo steps it up a notch. Teambuilding and defining a clear financial strategy can go hand in hand and this point of view led to the design of the company’s very own Hubo Trophy with Herculian Alliance. Adding employer branding to a policy meeting, does indeed strongly reinforce its impact and consonance among employees. It didn’t take long for the participants to rewind from their rather theoretical morning and the roughly 150 Hubo employees were ready for some serious teambuilding in no time.

It’s safe to say that the participants had a good time and bonded a great deal with their colleagues, as not all players knew each other beforehand.

Hubo Hercules BL 2016 (112)
Scenery at the Hubo Trophy ©Photography Tom Van Damme

The event lasted half a day and started late in the afternoon. 25 teams, composed of either French and Dutch speaking players, showed the raw power of the do-it-yourself spirit during five original and accessible to all Herculean labours. From disc golf to giant table soccer, to a tailor-made truck challenge in which the players gave a demonstration of what Hubo’s DIY shipping looks like, by pulling forward and pushing back two of their vans as fast as they could.

Hubo Hercules BL 2016 (81)
Hubo’s free shipping in the works  ©Photography Tom Van Damme

So, what did the Hubo Trophy look like?

Imagine the Hercules Trophy at De Nekker in Mechelen, tailor-made for Hubo and its passionate employees. The mix of teamwork, brains, strength, guts and fun –the very root of the Hercules Trophy- was kept, while a bilingual crew made sure both French and Dutch speaking players understood how to bring the challenges to a good end. Everything was available in both languages and the brain labour was also Hubo oriented. The scenery was decorated with bright blue Hubo banners and a couple of Hubo vans –which are real eye catchers by the way!  At the end of the labours, the employees returned to the village, where they enjoyed a savory barbecue dinner and a glass.

Hubo definitely takes good care of its employees and there’s no better proof than the smiles on their faces. The barbecue was followed by a brief awards ceremony, but truth be told: all participants won, by playing in the Hubo Trophy and by working at Hubo.

Hubo Hercules BL 2016 (15)
Happy Hubo employees at the Hubo Trophy ©Photography Tom Van Damme

The company wanted to thank its employees for their hard work while simultaneously bringing them together as a team. To quote Nelson Mandela: “Sport has the power to unite people in a way little else does” and thus Hubo organized this corporate teambuilding event as a surprise for them. In short, Hubo’s a superb employer that holds the adage “work hard, play hard” in high regards.

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