CFE Poland’s Company Team Evening

CFE Poland’s Company Team Evening. After a very successful Hercules Trophy Poland 2016 edition for CFE Poland, in which they took home both first and second place, the company wanted to bring their coworkers even further together. Looking to add an entertaining evening to their annual conference, they contacted Herculean Alliance. Organizing a fun and connecting teambuilding on the first evening, turned out to be the right move. All 120 participants, spread out over 24 very enthusiastic teams, had a grand time. Bruno Lambrecht, CFE Poland’s General Manager, puts it this way: “mission accomplished: it was a fantastic evening, everybody enjoyed it and had fun in a positive and cooperative way. A nice surprise for the employees who had not yet taken part in the Hercules Trophy before.

How CFE Poland’s Company Team Evening came to be

After Herculean Alliance Poland was contacted by CFE Poland, we worked closely with Marta Graczyk, their Marketing and Communication specialist and Mr. 2i6a2672Lambrecht. Together, we were able to work out a perfect solution to their needs, from practical details like the venue, to the final realization of the program. The aspect of cooperation was not only implemented in the activities, but in organizing the teambuilding evening as well. One of the labours, President’s Bull, was even specifically chosen by the General Director himself. The other five labours were the result of dialogue too and ranged from the CFE Domino challenge, to Giant Darts. The venue was set at Hotel Ossa, a one hour drive from Warsaw and right in the middle of the Polish fruit orchards. The end result, turned out to be exactly as CFE Poland wanted. Mrs. Graczyk: “even though it was all indoor, which is always more difficult than an outdoor summer event, the atmosphere was joyful and sunny. The competition aspect always works. And the Hercules team did a great job in organizing this from A to Z: from the online subscriptions to the funny labours to the final prize giving ceremony.

How it went down

The event started with the registration of the teams, which had been formed in advance. The teams picked their slogans, team songs and other team details that helped getting the spirits up in the weeks before the event. As soon as they were registered at the hotel, they had to prove their mental skills by trying to achieve the highest score in the brain labour as fast as possible. The questions were rather difficult and that proved to be superb food for discussion, later in the evening.

After being properly warmed up, the teams were more than ready to show off their combined strength. During the 6 labours, they went all the way to become the winners of the day and had great joy in trying to achieve that goal together. As employees of an industrial group with expertise in construction, contracting and real estate development, it came to no surprise that the participants did extremely well in the 2i6a2936Building Towers challenge during the Minute To Win It labour. The best scoring team on this labour, successfully built a whopping 17 story building of plastic cups! In the end, Malinowa MAMBA (referring to a well-known Polish raspberry flavored candy), took home first prize. Just For Fun came in second, while Urban Legends turned out to be the Smartest Team. Everybody won though, as the ties within the teams were tightened and spirits were high. A perfect start for the conference!

We were glad to have you CFE Poland and until next time!

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