A Perfect Team Day for Construction Confederation

A Perfect Team Day for Construction Confederation. The Construction Confederation is the umbrella organization of all construction companies in Belgium, now totaling over 15,000 small, medium and large enterprises. The organization lobbies for its members on both local, national and European level. Next to that, Federation offers its members a large numbers of services, ranging from delivering up to date and relevant information, to personalized advice and training.

During the summer of 2016, the regional subdivision of the federation in the province East Flanders wanted to thank their employees for the hard work, as well as further increase their productivity and cooperation. They decided to plan a full-on Perfect Team Day with Hercules Academy, with a program filled to the brim.

It turned out to be a beautiful sun-drenched day with tropical temperatures. The location was set at Domain Puyenbroeck, halfway between Gent and Antwerp. A perfect scene for the teambuilding day.

After a tailor-made warming up (with songs like “We Built This City”– Jefferson Starship, etc.) brought by Hercules all-star choreographer Kelly, the participants caught the Herculean vibe and gave their all. Some participants excelled in the games focused on ‘brains’, while others were yet better on endurance. A perfect symbolic representation of the multitude of necessary competences while working in teams in the office. With only 15 minutes per activity, team members were forced to quickly evaluate who’s best and then follow his or her directions, in order to be successful.

After having experienced firsthand how teamwork can be optimized, the participants were then gathered in groups for an enlightening session by Olympic Coach Serge Haubourdin, on the 9 different personality types and how they should work together for maximum results. The session was followed by a light and savory lunch, which got the teams ready again to test their newly acquired theoretical knowledge in the field.

Later in the afternoon, when all activities were finished, the employees received a masterclass in self defence, given by Olympic medal winner Gella Vandecaveye, in order to add an extra fun & sporty component to an already active day. A cool down yoga workshop prevented any possible injuries and helped the participants wind down for their superb dinner at the lakefront.

The day definitely was as great as it sounds, as Johan Wauman, regional Director at the Federation, confirms: “We’ve all enjoyed this pleasing day of teambuilding. Thank you for the excellent organization and the smooth collaboration.” To be honest, it was a pleasure for our team at Herculean to be a part of their Perfect Team Day. We hope to see you next time!