A balanced Corporate Wellbeing trajectory for the Province

A balanced Corporate Wellbeing trajectory for the Province. On March 27, the Province of Vlaams Brabant (Belgium) will launch their brand new wellbeing trajectory. Herculean is proud to be chosen as trusted partner after a thorough selection procedure.
Herculean will organise the entire program with different kinds of workshops and will activate employees towards the “Day of the employee”, which is a festival organised by Herculean where people are inspired and heroes are celebrated. The whole program will be driven by the online Herculean platform.The program is holistic. For years, Herculean has been working on 4 angles: Mental – Physical – Nutrition – Social. It’s much more comprehensive that the pure physical wellbeing platforms.‘More than ever, Provincie Vlaams-Brabant is becoming a service organisation. The quality of our services depends highly on our staff. The “Day of the employee” is a crucial event that everyone loves. We wanted to create program running up to the event to make the day even better. We encourage our employees to organise initiatives that will enforce that day. As government agency, I believe we are pioneers and we believe that wellbeing and productivity will improve because of this fresh approach.’, says Ann Schevenels, deputy for HR.


The program was called “In Balance” (Balans): aware, active, vivid, authentic, natural and social. The online Herculean platform will inform employees and will allow them to track their personal goals and actions. It will help to identify the “Heroes” in the organisation. The actions can be anything and not just “number of steps”. It’s about time spent on something that is in line with our wellbeing goals. It’s about showing and communicating all the initiatives that people can do to improve wellbeing.

Since 2014, we advocate the importance of corporate wellbeing programs in a very fragmented market. Most of those programs only focus on one specific aspect and reach only a fraction of the employees. We are happy that the Province of Vlaams-Brabant follows our vision’,  Yves Vekemans, Founder and CEO of Herculean. ‘Not every employee is triggered in the same way. By giving people the opportunity to reach their goals at their own rhythm, we join them during their transformational journey without judgement. This increases the chances for success. The role of our unique corporate wellbeing platform that can be tailored to our customers needs is crucial and we hope many companies will follow their example’.