snack at work

Why you should eat a snack at work


It’s easy to take a snickers bar or a cookie when you’re hungry at work. So, there are a lot of misconceptions about eating a snack at work. People believe snacking is a fat maker, it gives you a sugar rush, you feel bloated, etc.

But snacking, when doing it right, can have multiple positive impacts on your health. And because we at Herculean Alliance believe that corporate wellbeing is an important driver for engagement, we did some researched to prove why eating a snack at work is good for you.

1.    Your energy stays high

Do you experience an afternoon slump after eating? Or do you arrive at work hungry even though you ate breakfast? Offering healthy snacks gives the employees the opportunity to eat a quick snack. This in turn gives them the energy to keep working.

2.    Your focus improves

If you have trouble staying focused, that may be because you’re having a sugar rush. If you eat healthy snacks, you might find those difficult and long projects to be easier to handle. And just a small tip: dark chocolate and nuts can increase your focus.

3.    Physical health increases your confidence

Your physical health influences your self-esteem. So, by eating healthy and taking care of your body, you can boost your confidence. This in turn boosts your productivity.

4.    Accessibility

Providing healthy snacks at work makes it easier to eat healthily. Of course, you’ll be saving money as you won’t have to spend any money. This is another reason why snacks at work have a positive effect. Who doesn’t like free food, right?

5.    Pushing the pause button

After an hour, your brain needs a break. This means that sometimes you need to push a pause button. And if you can eat a healthy snack in the meanwhile, that’s just a bonus.

6.    Attraction

It has been shown that an office that offers healthy office snacks draws people in. A company that cares for its employees and offers healthy office snacks is one of the most desired office perks.

Of course, there are more ways in which snacks at work have a positive impact on employees. We just listed a couple from a whole list, which you can find via this link.