a walk a day

A walk a day keeps the problems away (most of the time)


Did you know that almost all of our co-workers at Herculean Alliance park their cars further away and walk to work? Guess we don’t need to convince you that walking is beneficial for almost everything? Just 30 minutes every day. That’s enough to have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. But if we haven’t convinced you, maybe we need to come up with more specific reasons why walking will reduce some of your daily problems. So here are 7 reasons why walking really helps. Even (or especially) when you’re not in the mood for it.

1. Your Mood Improves

Research shows that walking decreases the feeling of anger and other negative emotions. It gives you a mental boost so you can stay standing throughout the day.  

2. You Lose Weight   

Of course, it’s an exercise so you’ll lose weight. They even say it’s more effective and better for your body than running. You’ll burn calories, and your metabolism will work throughout the rest of the day.   

3. You Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease

By walking every day, your blood sugar levels decrease, your blood pressure is lowered and walking can help prevent osteoporosis. And that is just a glimpse of all the risks you’ll reduce by walking. 

4. Walking Makes You More Creative and Productive

Sometimes all we need for an idea to come is to take a break. Walking can help you solve a problem. Have you ever noticed how you’ll start walking when you’re on the phone?  

5. Better Digestion

Taking a walk after eating can help with digesting your meal. It’s a slow exercise so you won’t feel sick. Compared to sitting, your stomach will have the room and energy to start digesting your food. 

6. Circulation Boost

As mentioned before, walking every day reduces medical problems. This also means your heart will start pumping more. This in turn causes your blood to move better and faster through your body. So, walking provides your body with more oxygen.

7. Walking Reduces Stress

We all know exercising regularly can improve your mental health. Just by walking, you can reduce negative emotions like stress. Walking releases a hormone that gives a sense of calm.

There are of course more reasons, but these are the most important.

Do you want to know more about how walking for a month affects you? Or do you want to know good walking techniques? You can always read the full article from Hif.