Olympus Games

Olympus Games. Getting everyone on the same page and increase engagement within your company: how do you achieve that? Not easy, especially if your employees don’t even speak the same language-in the literal sense of the word then.

Olympus Games 2017It’s a challenge that every HR department faces. At Olympus, the global specialist in optical and digital precision technology, they went for it! We translated their honest and performance driven company culture with a lot of room for personal development in the Olympus Games. The Games were organised for all employees, regardless of age, background, gender or physical condition. Everyone was able to participate during a fun filled afternoon.

Olympus Games 2017We started the event with a healthy lunch and a few brain challenges. All the teams had to complete 4 hilarious challenges afterwards. But it didn’t end there! The CEO wanted to surprise everyone with a real fire walk! In normal conditions 70% of the participants would dare to walk over fire (850 degrees celcius), bare-footed.  EVERYONE at Olympus did it!?!

A branded website on top of our platform and a strong communication strategy ensured that everyone was ready for a great day. As we expected bad weather, we organized everything indoor, except for the fire-walk of course.

The day ended with good food, a speech from the CEO, many awards and funky music. The perfect ending of the week!

Olympus Games 2017