Fan Friday: Lantmannen Unibake!

Fan Friday: Lantmannen Unibake! One of our greatest fans and partners, is Lantmännen UnibakeThey’re the second largest bakery products group in Europe, with 35 industrial bakeries in 18 countries, and authentic Swedish roots. Their Pastridor & Schulstad brands are true quality references. Every day, the 5,800 employees working for the bakery company, ensure that the world can enjoy their Better Bread, Easy-to-Eat (Fastfood & Savouries) and Sweet Moments categories.fotolantmannen

We offer high-quality bakery products and innovative solutions, which is how we create value, safety and enjoyment for highly demanding customers and consumers on a daily basis. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to snacks and banqueting. That is our passion. Our design method.” says Jolien Demeyer, category manager and inter company development manager of Lantmännen Unibake.

Lantmännen Unibake started participating in the Hercules Trophy many years ago with 2 teams. Ever since, the number of participating teams kept growing and growing to 8 teams in 2016! In 2015, they unfortunately couldn’t participate due to a fire in their factory in Londerzeel. 

Mrs. Demeyer continues: “The investment is a testament to the significant confidence that the Lantmännen Group has in the bread expertise of all its Belgian employees. We will be able to once again strengthen our market leadership with this new production unit. Hercules Trophy is one of our favorite events to meet people from other companies and industries and to enhance the team spirit.

These are certainly no hollow phrases: Lantmännen Unibake would like to energize all participants and offers delicious savouries ready for a fair play! On top of that, every team can win one of their super deluxe breakfasts, worth €500. Take an original team selfie with the content of the Schulstad box & the Schulstad box itself and win a super deluxe breakfast for your Hercules team.

Thank you, Lantmännen Unibake and we’ll see you soon!wedstrijdlantmannen

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