Duval Union @ BAM Trophy

Duval Union @ BAM Trophy. In the the past 20 years we have had the privilege to welcome more than 100,000 participants at the Hercules Trophy. This year many will try their luck once again, this time in a unique edition together with the Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) The perfect format for renowned marketing companies and -departments, so it seems.

BAM Marketing Trophy

The BAM Marketing Trophy on Friday June 21st consists of a subcompetition within the Hercules Trophy and is the ideal occasion for marketers to showcase their skills.

Not only do they get the opportunity to measure themselves to their competitors, but they can also network with partners and clients.

One of the candidates to definitely keep an eye on the 21st, is Duval Union.

Duval Union is a company which combines brains and builders and houses several Belgian high-end employees from the world of business and marketing consulting and marketing and communication execution. Today, Duval Union counts 212 employees divided over 17 companies: Profacts, Duval Branding, Duval Union Consulting, Duval Union Innovative Marketing, Engaged, FairEtail, Friendship, MMBSY, Nine o’clock somewhere, PushtoTalk, Glickman, Zerocopy, Duval Union Academy, GrowthAgent, Flying Colours, Seven Days and Madewithlove.

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The power of the Union resides in its cooperation, and that feeling needs to be put forward and needs work. This is why they invest in teambuilding, training activities, summer BBQ and just recently a joint ski trip each year. This year they decided to go all-in on the Hercules Trophy 2019 in Mechelen.

Marc Bresseel, Founding Partner Duval Union: “We strive to a strong collective Duval Union, where individuality and each company’s strength comes forward, but with the additional strength of a cooperative Union. Life as it is: unity in diversity. This is what we work on every single day.”

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Duval Union will take on other organisations which are active in marketing and media, such as AdSomeNoise, Mediahuis, Stampix, Skynet, but also the marketing departments of Delhaize, Sirius, Lago, Vendor and clients such as Deloitte, VGD accountants, Buro Project, Flow Pilots and many others. Click here to get an overview of the participating companies.

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Interested in taking on Duval Union or another marketing company? Contact us on info@herculestrophy.com !