Ready for the 5AM Club? The 6 benefits of getting up at 5 am.


Getting up at 5 a.m. can have amazing benefits. For example, it can increase health and productivity, which are two things that are essential for success. Here you will read 6 benefits of getting up early in the morning.

1.     Create a routine

Our health and well-being require a sleep schedule. If your body knows when to shut down and when to wake up, you will fall asleep more easily and wake up more naturally. If you keep up the routine for a while your body will get used to it. In this way, you can synchronize your mind and body with a schedule. Your body will have an internal alarm clock that knows when it’s time to get up, giving you more energy for your morning routine.

2. Extra time for planning

Extra time in the morning to organize yourself and plan the day? Gladly! Getting up at 5 am allows you to be extra productive during the day, giving you time to prepare for the day’s tasks. You have time to think about your schedule without feeling rushed. It can even allow for a little extra study time, meal planning, …

3. Morning exercise

Important to a healthy lifestyle is exercise. When you get up early in the morning, you have more time to work on your fitness. It is not easy to plan a sports session after a long working day. Therefore, you don’t have to go for a 10km run. You can go for a walk, walk your dog or go to the gym, possibilities enough. Give yourself time in the morning to exercise. 

4. Time for yourself

A few hours of well-deserved time for yourself. Getting up before the rest of the house is awake can give you peace of mind. Time to yourself and rest is good for your concentration, which benefits your productivity and health. It’s probably easier to find the necessary hours of rest for yourself in the morning than in the evening before bed. Start your morning by reading a book, working undisturbed on a project or just enjoying the morning. Watch the sunrise go for a jog or read the newspaper.

5. More time  

You could use every hour of sleep in the morning for something else. When the alarm goes off at 5 o’clock you have a lot of time that you can spend on other things, you have a few hours more to do what needs to be done before the busy day and evening arrive. That way you can enjoy other things in the evening, like time with your family or relaxing after work.

6. Be prepared

Getting up in the early morning gives you plenty of time to prepare for the day. Get your clothes ready, make a good breakfast, pay the bills that you keep putting off, … 

In short, it is the perfect time of day to prepare for any problems that may arise later in the day.

It may seem impossible but there are plenty of reasons to get up early. Your body quickly gets used to changes and soon you wake up energized, ready to start your day. By setting your alarm at 5 a.m. daily, you create a little more time for yourself.

Source: Great Performers

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