10 benefits of great teamwork


If you think that remote and hybrid work would be the downfall of teamwork, think again! Science has once again proven that teamwork is more important than ever. Dr. Scott Tannenbaum, a researcher and president of the Group for Organizational Effectiveness, and John J. Murphy, author of “Pulling together the 10 Rules for High-Performance Teamwork” explain the benefits of teamwork.

“The use of teams and collaboration expectations have been consistently rising. And when I say teams, I am talking about all types of teams; whether it’s stable work teams or it’s teams that are now operating virtually in the current environment.” Says Dr. Tannenbaum. 

John J.Murphy quoted that: “Each individual has unique gifts, talents, and skills. When we bring them to the table and share them for a common purpose, it can give companies a real competitive advantage.”

On the subject of teamwork, they both agreed that: when done right, teamwork has benefits that go far beyond the scope of boosting the company’s bottom line.

Here are 10 of the biggest benefits of teamwork.

1. Better problem solving

“We have found that groups of size three, four, and five outperformed the best individuals. We attribute this performance to the ability of people to work together to generate and adopt correct responses, reject erroneous responses and effectively process information.” Says Dr. Patrick Laughlin of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2. Increased potential for innovation

It has been found that teams made up of diverse backgrounds ( gender, age, ethnicity, …) are more creative and perform up to 35 percent better compared to homogeneous teams. Being exposed to diversity can shift the way we think. This is backed up by a recent report from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

3. Happier team members

Not only is it a lot more fun to come to work when your employees are happy, but it is also very beneficial for the company. It is found that when honest feedback, mutual respect, and personal openness is encouraged, team members were 80 percent more likely to report higher emotional well-being.

4. Enhanced personal growth

Being part of a team can help you grow. By sharing information and cross-training each other, each member of the team can flourish. You might discover new concepts from colleagues with different experiences, which in term is a plus for all individual members of the team.

5. Less burnout

In a world with high-stress levels and busy schedules, 23 percent of employees feel burned out at work very often or always. Another 44 percent say they sometimes feel this way. In a team, you share the load and provide each other with emotional support and motivational pep talks.

6. More opportunities for growth

Changes in technology and increased globalization mean that companies are facing problems too complex for a single individual. Team members use their unique skills to shine in their roles. This creates an environment based on mutual respect and cooperation that benefits the whole group.

7. Boosted productivity

Employees reported that having the respect of their peers was the number one reason they go the extra mile at work. A pat on the back from the boss can boost motivation, but receiving kudos from a team member may even be more effective.

8. Smarter risk-taking 

Usually, big ideas involve some risk assessment. Research has shown this to be optimum in smaller groups as larger groups tend to argue more. When you are working alone, you might be hesitant to take a risk and put your neck on the line. In a team, you share these responsibilities and know you have a team to fall back on and to support each other in case of failure.

9. Fewer mistakes

A team with good energy leads to fewer mistakes. You encourage and inspire each other. People in teams feel less stressed when the atmosphere is good. Worth keeping in mind is that when your team feels less frazzled, you will make fewer errors.

10. Expanded creativity

When people with different perspectives come together in a group brainstorm, innovative ideas can rise to the surface. Research has shown however that this can only be achieved when communication within the team is open and collaborative and goes hand in hand with a level of trust.

That is all, keep the team spirit high!

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