great regeneration
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News from our Founder Yves


My great regeneration. End of this year, our Founder Yves will turn 50. And at a time where the entire world seems to be fascinated by the Great Resignation, Yves’ personal transformation is in full swing. He calls it his great regeneration.

In a brutally honest blog article he talks about the different stages in his process that was triggered by the Pandemic. The stages went from Downloading, Redirecting, Letting Go to Letting Come.

It’s about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on entrepreneurship, how it has forced everyone of us to rethink the way we live. How it has led to moving to another continent and grasping new opportunities. It’s about changing the context. About connecting with new people in another environment. About learning from the future, reflecting once more and pioneering once again. In a country where more than 100 minorities work together to realise a common purpose. A country that has a leader who drives with a strong vision and with a mindset of positive dissatisfaction.

The crisis has solidified the connection between the core investors of Herculean Alliance and the purpose of our organisation. And this caused some major changes in our Herculean Alliance team, both in Belgium and Dubai.

That’s the story of Yves. Detoxed. In a new context, with more time in a connected world. Ready to jump higher and to use his core talents for new challenges. Herculean Alliance as a solid base, with a powerful network and a bag filled with unforgettable and fascinating experiences.

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