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Working out: Repeat vs result


Repetition is the mother of learning. Repeat vs result. If you’ve followed the steps from our previous blogs, then you’ve come a long way and achieved results. Have you been able to keep up your rhythm and is exercise part of your normal life routine? You are motivated. That’s great.

Still, we advise you to test yourself regularly by continuing to measure your results or making them more visible to yourself. This way you keep your motivation and transform it into a habit. It will undoubtedly help you to maintain your results in the long term.

Let’s go over what things you can pay attention to that are much better than before the period when moving wasn’t part of your fixed rhythm. You most likely suffered from a number of disturbing aspects that affect your daily life, such as fatigue or back or neck complaints. It is possible that (partial) obesity affected you during activities with your family or colleagues, making you feel limited.

Check it out

Be sure to keep using your motion app that has carefully recorded your sessions and indicates which parameters are better than when you started. Apart from the objective data, you will also feel the progress.

It starts with getting up in the morning. When you are in better shape, you will get out of bed with much more energy than before. You also usually sleep much better and faster and the fatigue will be considerably less. Getting ready to start the day and putting on your outfit will probably also go a lot smoother than a few weeks ago, as you weigh a few kilos less. Your clothes are the best way to measure your shape. Some garments adapt better and that should undoubtedly be an incentive to keep exercising.

Daily routines

If you ask your children to take part in some sporting activity: just do it. You’ll soon find out if your results have already yielded enough. If not, you already have a good reason to continue: quality time with your family. Household chores will find you less tiring and you’ll work more smoothly than usual.

All in all you can say that you have improved and you can compare this to many activities in your daily life. Do I have to add that it will also help you on a professional level? Your physical progress will help you cope better with stress, reduce illness and improve your productivity in the workplace.

With these little tips you’ll be able to check the status of how good you feel every day. Keep repeating the good things. The result will be there. And it will especially last longer if you stay alert on a daily basis.

Repetition is the mother of learning and the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.