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Meet the NextGenjury of Belgium 2021


Meet the NextGenjury of Belgium 2021 – The word is out! The 12 NextGen judges who will accompany Katrien Roziers at the Employee Engagement Awards in 2021 have been elected.

With a little less than 50 enthusiastic registrations, it was obviously not an easy choice. This is what Katrien has to say about the choice of the NextGen judges: ” I chose 21 candidates from nearly 50 registrations to complete the NextGen jury. The choice was not easy, everyone stood out in a certain way. During the selection I mainly focused on motivation and took diversity, in the broadest sense of the word into account. Eventually we ended up with a healthy mix of students, entrepreneurs and young professionals working in both large and small companies, each with their own characteristics. I am very proud to be able to start working with this strong team!”

Meet the NextGenjury of Belgium 2021

The 12 chosen ones

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the 12 NextGen judges who will accompany Katrien Roziers at the Employee Engagement Awards in 2021:

What’s next?

Now that the NextGen jury members have been announced, it will take some time before the Expert jury members are announced. During the first quarter the NextGen and Expertjury will meet to get acquainted and discuss what is expected to happen next. In the second quarter the companies will start working on the challenges and submit their case. The third quarter will require the most effort from NextGen judges. This is where the cases will be assessed, the nominees will be selected and will live pitching will be done. Last but not least, the Awards themselves will be broadcasted on Kanaal z in the fourth quarter.

Finally, we would like to thank all the candidates who have applied to be members of the jury. This is not the end, but the start of a new beginning. The Employee Engagement Awards 2022 will provide new opportunities. And we would like to invite everyone to join our Employee Engagement Community, a forum for dialogue, consultation and advice between professionals with a heart for employee engagement.