Hercules Trophy Vlaams-Brabant: first labours!


Hercules Trophy Vlaams-Brabant: first labours! After our 20th anniversary celebrations at Hercules Trophy Mechelen, we can’t wait to once again bring the party to Leuven. Because in six weeks – on the 28th of September – there’s the Hercules Trophy Vlaams-Brabant. This edition will be organised together with VOKA- Kamer van Koophandel Vlaams-Brabant in the Provinciedomein of Kessel-lo. Prepare yourselves to face the great teams of Ninatrans, IMEC, UCLL, Business Markers, Easylife, JAVA Coffee, Datacamp and many more.

Hercules Trophy Vlaams-Brabant: first labours! Excited for the labours? Here you can find the first 7:

Suzuki Swift Roadtrip

For this challenge, you better put your most skilled drivers at the wheel, flanked by your colleagues with an elephant’s memory. During the Suzuki Swift Roadtrip, you will be trying to memorise your shopping list for the road trip and load it up. While in the meantime, you need to complete a difficult Parcours, in reverse! Can you already smell the stress that precedes a road trip?

Archery Tag

Are you considering tactics, or will you be going full attack mode? Eliminate your opposition while dodging your enemies’ arrows. Hiding behind one of the obstacles, might save you from elimination, but won’t earn you a lot of points.

Belly Slide

Did you ever slide a soapy inflatable for everlasting glory? For once, a beer belly might come in handy. A fast run-up combined with great dismount, will most likely slide you to victory, like the Herculeans underneath perfectly demonstrate 😉 Ready, set, slide!

Cross Country

The Cross Country is back! Embrace yourselves for the most difficult obstacle challenge ever! Try to overcome the parcours with your team as swiftly as possible. Important: watch behind you once or twice, because your teammates might have minor difficulties … 🙄. The time of your worst performer counts, teamwork makes the dream work.

Poly Volley

If you have assembled a team of multitaskers that also have some feeling for ball sports then this is your challenge. During Poly Volley you’ll be playing the most complicated of all volleyball games. Don’t you lose your eye on those balls, they come from everywhere…

Truck Pulling

In this challenge, some muscles might do the trick. It’s easy, once you get the truck moving, you will be on a roll (mostly though). Once again, teamwork and communication can make a difference. Which team possesses the power of Hercules? Might be a job for the hands of Ninatrans NV? Combine forces and pull that thing!

Telenet Business Skybikes

Cyclist fanatics will truly be in their element during the Telenet Business Skybikes. Although they better aren’t scared of heights. Prepare for the most spectacular altimeters of your life. Which of your teammates is tough enough for this challenge? To reassure you: only one of your teammates will need to complete this challenge.

Why do you need to be joining us in Leuven?

  1. Get to know your colleagues like never before. Why not?
  2. Network in the Hercules Village!
  3. Our food and drinks (what else).
  4. Enjoy the Hercules vibe at a wonderful location.
  5. Come as a company, leave as a team!
  6. It’s no problem at all to celebrate our 20th anniversary twice 😉

You can register here.

Still no clue of what to expect? Have a look at the after movie of Mechelen 2019.

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