Prepare for the Pride Games


9th August 2019, Theaterplein Antwerpen. Prepare for the Pride Games. The date and place for the second edition of the Pride Games. With the famous Antwerp Pride in mind, Hercules Projects is organizing these games for all fans of a whole afternoon filled with action, fun and teamwork. Strengthen the bond in your group of friends by participating in a team of 5!

Being athletic totally isn’t necessary and your sexual preference doesn’t matter at all. 5 crazy challenges will be ready for you to take on, so we are looking forward to seeing you work as a team to overcome these challenges!

Plan your trip

Combine a sparkling teambuilding with a day or weekend of exploring Antwerp. There is so much to see and do in this vibrant city. Especially during the Antwerp Pride. What’s better than an afternoon of teambuilding followed by a nice dinner and a drink or two? The ideal formula to get together with your awesome group of friends who each have such busy schedules.

How to prepare?

Prepare for the Pride Games! From now on, the website is online and the registrations have begun! Don’t hesitate to gather a team. Choose a fitting team name with accompanying slogan and personalize your team outfits, because maybe there will be extra’s tied to this! Nothing greater than unity within a team naturally. So open those wardrobes and create something colourful…

Last year, the battles provided quite some beautiful pictures and moments. Curious?