Pink Ladies Games

Teambuilding (for ladies only)


Teambuilding (for ladies only). The Pink Ladies Games, that’s half a day of fun with your friends, right? Teams from 3 to 5 people? Women only, from the age of 16 and up? Bachelor squads are wildly enthusiastic about it? All the above is correct! But did you know you can also participate from your company?

Pink Ladies Games 2017

Does that mean thatparticipating at the Pink Ladies Games can be considered as a teambuilding activity? Yes, absolutely.

10 reasons why you company should join the fun:

  1. You come out stronger as an organization, 100% guaranteed!
  2. You can support your own charity which fits nicely in your CSR strategy.
  3. A whole lot of fun (and that’s a key factor in teambuilding)!
  4. Lots of video and image material to prove to your boss you were there or to remember those incredible moments…
  5. Choice of 3 different packages which makes both you and your financial manager happy because of the value for money.
  6. Easy registration, no hassle with quotes, no hours spent on searching for that perfect team day. All info can be found online and registration is possible through our webshop!
  7. Win countless prizes that you can show off on your desk. Eat this, try-hards!
  8. You’re participating in 6 awesome battles instead of just 1 activity.
  9. The ideal concept for all your female colleagues, regardless of their age or physical condition! Truly!
  10. You can still use the morning as time to conduct a strategic meeting, catch up on mails (or to just work of course).
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Would you rather not leave behind the men at the office? Why don’t they volunteer as your coaches or supporters! And if your heart is still too big for that, you can participate in the Hercules Trophy together with your male colleagues.

Would you like a separate Pink Ladies Games exclusively for your company alone? Send an email to