Is the era of management over?

Is the era of management over?


Is the era of management over? “The key to management is to get rid of the managers,” advised Ricardo Semler, whose TED Talk went viral, introducing terms such as “industrial democracy” and “corporate re-engineering”. It’s important to point out that Mr. Semler isn’t an academic or an expert in management theory, but he’s the CEO of a successful industrial company. His views are unlikely to represent mainstream thinking on organizational design. But perhaps it is time we redefine the term “manager”, and question whether the idea of “management” as it was inherited from the industrial era, has outlived its usefulness. ​​ (Read more on WEF)

The bottom line is that the hierarchical management mode is no longer suited for the challenges of the modern economy. Every pillar of a traditional organization is now in flux, as was brilliantly conceptualized by Tanmay Vora.

At Herculean, we work on employee engagement. And indeed, we notice that times are changing. 87% of employees don’t feel engaged these days. For this culture shift to succeed, a lot needs to be done within the organisation. Ranging from coaching, team building,  informal meetings, ambassador trajectories, surveys, and so much more.

And the biggest challenge of it all is to measure the changing status of the organisation on a continuous basis. We believe that it’s the combination of authentic experiences and an online platform to measure, organize, inspire and support your community that will be the key to engagement. We stand behind every aspect of the mindset shift that needs to be done.