All my girls do yoga


All my girls do yoga. In our book about “The Corporate Wellbeing coach” Doctor Jutta Borms talks about the effects of yoga and meditation on top of her experiences as a doctor. Throughout her career, she has experienced the positive effects of mental wellbeing alongside physical wellbeing. She’s convinced that in order to maintain good health, a person needs a healthy body and spirit. Apart from medicine as we know it, it is important to realise that everything here starts from within the person: “You are your own ‘healer’, and no one else”. Doctor Borms is therefore very much in favour of a holistic approach to wellbeing. This is because she’s convinced that feeling mentally and physically well is just a support of further health.

Love yourself! The positive spiral of movement and self-love

All my girls do yoga. Exercise and sports are the best ways to love yourself. This is the proper meaning of “taking care of yourself’. Let this help you to get into the positive spiral, where movement is the engine to get things running. It is possible to work out in any way you like, whether it is exhausting or not. A softer form of exercising is yoga; this can be done in various places such as at the office. Yoga can encourage people and employees to take care of their body, mind and spirituality. It’s the convenient way to relax in the modern business world of money, ego and performance.

All my girls do yoga. Yoga is a broad concept; you can use it as a real workout, such as ‘Power Yoga’, but you an also it as a form of meditation, an example here is the ‘Kundalini Yoga’ technique. In short, yoga makes the body flexible and the spirit young. Although doctor Borms practiced a series of different sports when she was young such as skiing, tennis, skating, she claims that nothing has ever given her as much mental satisfaction as yoga does. It has also been proven that yoga makes you mentally stronger. Doctor Borms adds that her serotonin levels (happiness hormone) in her blood were tripled in just six months of daily yoga practice! Sleeping improves and stress levels drop, there is also a positive increase in the person’s self-confidence.

Yoga is the appropriate way to get your employees to feel better at the workplace. Especially in an environment filled with stress. By practicing yoga, you make one whole of your mind and body. This helps you to eliminate other contradictions so it is possible to live your life in a more balanced way. This way, people get to know how to face their fears and stress, in order to live their life from the hearth.

Benefits of Meditation

Another important instrument for more awareness and holistic health, in addition to more active forms of yoga, is meditation. This has advantages similar to those of yoga because you also become involved with these breathing exercises. In today’s busy corporate life, employees are often overloaded with stimulants. Both on and off the work floor. Meditation on the work floor helps people to spread their attention over these stimuli from their work environment as well as to become more resistant to stress. Meditation learns people not to sleepwalk through their lives and also not to worry about the past and the future. It has been proved that by meditating, your organs get more oxygen. This will make you lose your body wastes much faster than before. It is also proven that regular meditation helps with a numerous load of complaints, such as headaches, migraines, burnout, chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc. In addition, it improves your sex life and it keeps your weight under control.

Doctor Borms recommends meditating together with yoga to help in your daily wellbeing program. Even 5 minutes a day is enough. This form of wellbeing helps your staff with a physical and mental workout that will make them feel better and will help them with personal evolution.