The best stress relieving apps


The best stress relieving apps. Can apps help countering stress and increase our wellbeing? If you ask Ann de Bisschop, then she will tell you absolutely! In her book “Aftellen naar maandag” –Count down to Monday– the Director Corporate Identity and Well-being of Medialaan (now News City) shares her thoughts with her readers. We tested some of them and we’re giving our top 8!

The best stress relieving apps at the moment:

  1. Learn to breathe better. Everything starts with a well-controlled respiration; this is crucial for your mental and physical well-being. The Respiroguide Pro is the app that teaches you how to breathe and how to keep your stress under control. For Android and iOS.
  2. Digital detoxing (“stop phubbing”). Problems from interrupts by social media? You’re not alone. With the Forest App you can “plant” the most addicting websites for a certain period of time. Need more time? You can plant a spruce of 45 minutes. Now you can keep working uninterrupted without being distracted. It works!
  3. Loud co-workers? Radio at the office? Remarkable how background noise can interrupt your concentration and ruin your mood. Now you can choose the background noise that makes you peaceful: running water or bird sounds. Even a train driving-by is one of the options. Noisli for the experts.
  4. A similar app: “Focus at will”, the music streaming website, but with personalised music that optimises work focus. Scientifically proven.
  5. The kitchen alarm as productivity booster. Did you ever hear of the Pomodoro technique? The kitchen alarm system works with timeframes of 25 minutes for an optimal concentration and now also exists online: Pomodoro Tracker. Here you can also temporarily block your social media.
  6. Online meditation. More and more people are convinced of the use of meditation. But a lot of people don’t know how to start. Headspace helps you starting: a website full of inspiration and tips from millions of meditation fans.
  7. Mindfulness as stress buffer on the work floor with Itam. No time for a mindfulness workshop. No excuses anymore, Itam offers you lots of free mindfulness exercises for every moment of the day.
  8. Convinced? Now make a habit of it. And yes, there’s an app for it, so you can teach those habits to yourself, keep them in mind and measure them: the Momentum Habit Tracker. At the tool is available for free for Apple users. For Android users there is a similar app called ‘Way Of Life’.