Flip it, but don’t flip out!


Flip it, but don’t flip out! Second battle Pink Ladies Games announced: the FlipIt.

There it is: the second battle for the Belgian Pink Ladies Games!

The FlipIt is an inflatable cube in which you need to stand up with your team. With united power you need to tilt the cubical as much as possible. You may think it’s all about pure power, but don’t get it twisted: it’s mostly about coordination and communication within your team.

The FlipIt will be used for the first time at the Pink Ladies Games, but it’s a long-time classic on our other events such as the Hercules Trophy. It’s still the ideal tool to measure the teamwork within your team. Now we want to see how many turns the ladies can make… Where is the girl power?!

By the way, all the dates of the Pink Ladies Games Belgium can be found here. Registration is possible with teams of 3, 4 or 5 ladies. It’s half a day of fun for ladies of all ages and calibre. Participation is possible from 30 EUR pp.