Corporate wellbeing for a decent price


Corporate wellbeing for a decent price. It’s not difficult to understand: more engagement of your employees leads to higher productivity. It’s as easy as that. Let it just be that more engagement is exactly what Herculean provides, based on a unique, holistic approach.

Hercules Academy ensures guaranteed results in terms of wellbeing and engagement. Wellbeing is so much more than facilitating sporting activities or serving healthy food in your cafeteria.

Our four modules (Mind-Body-Nutrition-Social) comprise a holistic methodology that is unprecedented in Belgium and they have already given a new impetus to many organizations.

Corporate wellbeing for a decent price. Your organization doesn’t have to be massive in order to work on a decent welfare policy. Using our customized ROI report, you can immediately see all the return on your investment, not in cash, but in your employees’ engagement.

Based on an interview, we immediately expose the issues and take a number of measures to quickly book results. Our philosophy also consists of assisting you in carrying your own welfare policy and to proceed proactively.

Whatever challenge you’re struggling with to mobilize your employees, Hercules Academy will provide your company with the necessary boost. This can range from bringing business values to life, personality types, workshops, food, energy, moving, laughing, breathing to extensive change management. Discover the whole range of workshops here.

Companies like ABN AMRO, BASF, Allianz, Weight Watchers, Atlas Copco, Mazda, BuroProject, Inventive Designers, KPMG and many more have already experienced the effect.

Book an appointment without obligation with one of our coaches at and immediately feel the difference!