4 compelling reasons to implement Corporate Wellbeing now


4 compelling reasons to implement Corporate Wellbeing now. The success of an organization depends heavily on the work performance and productivity of its human resources. The ability to function and perform at a high level consistently is supported by Corporate Wellbeing Programs. The introduction of such programs has been successful in that the results are beneficial for both the employees and the company at large. Wellbeing Programs like the programs provided by Hercules Academy focus on a holistic approach, taking into account 4 levels: mental, physical, nutritional and social.

This is why your organisation, regardless of its size, needs to focus on Wellbeing. We’ve listed the 4 compelling reasons to implement Corporate Wellbeing now:

1. Decrease in health care/insurance costs

Wellbeing programs have a range of benefits for employers. Both quantifiable figures and intangible results highlight these. For the company as a whole one of the most significant benefits is the reduction in overall company costs. An effective wellbeing policy has proven effective in significantly reducing health costs. The purpose is twofold: minimizing expenses and maintaining healthy human resources. Through training and lifestyle management these types of programs have considerably reduced the cost of sick leave. It is hard to quantify what you gain via increased morale, productivity and work performance however the reduced sick leave, absenteeism and lower health costs contribute to a sizable reduction in overall costs.

2. Optimized work place morale & reduced absenteeism

The effectiveness of a Wellbeing Program in terms of the office environment is quite simple. Employees are healthy and balanced and therefore on the whole a lot happier. This equates to maximized performance. They are also aware that the company is taking measures to ensure their happiness, which breeds loyalty and responsibility.

As far as absenteeism is concerned, there are many factors that influence a person’s health. These could be a cold, but also major inflictions such as obesity or heart problems. The benefit of Corporate Wellbeing programs is that the time taking off will be significantly reduced, if not avoided all together. There are a lot of small changes in lifestyle that can influence overall wellbeing. If your organisation has a program, then you will identify these, employees will be educated and the changes will be implemented. Corporate wellbeing can greatly reduce absenteeism through awareness, training, workshops, etc. For your company this is the bottom line, reduced absenteeism equals a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity.


3. Increased productivity in the work place

The main aim of Corporate Wellbeing Programs is to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles. It is proven that when an employee is healthy they are more productive. Being healthy increases concentration, energy levels and output. It also ensures you are able to consistently perform at the desired level. Increased performance in the work place is a by-product of its success. The aim is to promote healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the amount of medical attention required. Employees who participate in these programs have noted a substantial improvement in work performance.

4. Increased company loyalty

Having a Corporate Wellbeing program in place indicates to employees that the organization cares about their wellbeing. And the benefits are mutual. A well taken care of employee feels an affiliation with the brand. He/she develop a level of responsibility associated with their work. This type of attitude within the work place is invaluable. An employee that feels like the company takes in interest in their wellbeing and health will take an interest in performing to the best of their ability. Increased employee loyalty is another significant selling point . This is one of those intangible benefits that you really can’t put a price on. Company loyalty means reduced costs in terms of recruitment and turnover. This also makes for a more harmonious working environment!

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