Corporate wellbeing @ ORDINA


Corporate wellbeing @ ORDINA. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today we’ll be taking a look at Ordina, the largest independent ICT service provider in the Benelux.Ordina logo.jpg

The corporate culture of Ordina can be described as an open no-nonsense culture. They work with an Employer Value Proposition. This means that it’s very important to Ordina that every employee contributes to a positive atmosphere.

Corporate wellbeing @ ORDINA. The company wants their employees to work in a comfortable environment, with high involvement and fun. They take a lot of action to create a healthy and pleasant working environment for their workers. A perfect example is continuously stimulating employees to work in an ergonomic way by using laptop holders and computer carrying cases.

Employees are also stimulated to work in a flexible way. Working at home is promoted as well as working together in network structures. Ordina invests a lot in trainings for their employees. They even have the “Ordina Academy” where employees can broaden their technical knowledge and functional, personal and social experiences. Safe to say that the Ordina Academy offers a lot of different trainings. On top of that, personal growth is highly stimulated within the company. Every employee has a right to minimum of 4 training days, every 2 years.

Ordina wants to accomplish long-term relationships with its employees. This is why the development of every individual is key for the organization. Realizing the benefits of its skilled and various workforce, the company takes total advantage of all different talents of its employees in order to achieve its goals, giving personal success in return.

The company measures Employee Happiness with two different instruments. The first instrument is the Satisfaction Measurer, a monthly satisfaction survey. The second way Ordina measures happiness, is the Employee Involvement Survey. They take a closer look at the result of these surveys and if necessary, action will be taken.

A lot of activities, like weekly events, are organized for the employees. These events can be formal, like business unit meetings, but they can also be more informal. The company tries to implement a mix of culture and sports in their activities. They’ve participated in every Hercules Trophy since 2009, which means they competed in 7 Hercules Trophy’s already and they’re already signed up for the Herculean Days Mechelen 2017!

Ordina pays its employees in line with the market. Every year they participate in the Hudson IT Salary Survey. This enables them to compare their salaries with similar companies in the market, so that employees are paid with fair wages. They also provide benefits like company cars, laptops, meal vouchers, reimbursement of expenses, …

The best part? Ordina is actively looking for new employees. Diversity is also very important for the company. Every year they recruit both kickstarters (people who are looking for their first job) and seniors. The new employees are welcomed with a special welcoming policy, which makes the new workers become acquainted with the company’s culture.

In 2016 Ordina achieved the Top Employers Certificate for the fourth time in a row. The Top Employer Certificate is given to companies who apply the highest standards related to working conditions.

Ordina clearly is a company that values its employees a lot. By concentrating on a long term relationship, measuring their happiness and organizing events, they were awarded with the Top Employers Certificate for the fourth time in a row. Proving that they truly care about their employees and corporate wellbeing.