Corporate Wellbeing BASF


Corporate Wellbeing BASF. Every week we concentrate on one of our customers and how they achieve happiness in their organization, how they keep their employees motivated and how they concentrate on corporate wellbeing. Which actions do they take to accomplish these goals? Today we’ll be taking a look at BASF, the world’s largest multinational chemical company.

BASF takes good care of its employees. They support their employees to stay healthy and fit by providing a variety of health care benefits, ranging from medical check-ups to diverse sports initiatives. BASF says: “Life is more than just work. It’s a challenge to combine a demanding job with a fulfilling private life.” Therefore BASF provides ways for employees to integrate their personal and work lives, such as flexible work arrangements and home office concepts.  Proving they care about the health and good moral of their employees, BASF has participated in 3 Hercules Trophy’s so far and are going to participate in the Hercules Trophy 2017 as well.

Next to this, BASF stimulates their employees to develop their talents, as they believe “Talent is in everyone”. Every single BASF employee is expected and invited to actively shape their own development. To support this, BASF offers a global structured process via their Employee Development program and provides their employees with a broad range of trainings, challenging assignments and the opportunity for cross-organizational moves.

Corporate wellbeing is being considered very important for the company. Safety, health and work-life balance are 3 important key points for them. Safety is their top-priority.  This counts for every BASF-site worldwide. Safety is not only about the technical safety of machines, it’s about every employee returning home safe after a day at work. Besides the everyday actions they take, BASF organises a yearly ‘safety week’. During that week, a certain theme linked to corporate wellbeing is key; like finding the right work-life balance or health themes such as nutrition or exercise. By constantly searching for sustainable and innovative solutions to improve overall quality of life, they show that the wellbeing of their employees is central.

BASF recognizes each employee’s contribution to that goal and rewards it with competitive total compensation. They offer base salaries that are competitive with leading companies in the relevant market. Employees are also rewarded for their individual performance with attractive variable pay programs. Beyond the pay check, they offer a selection of benefits that meet the employees’ needs and expectations at different life stages (e.g. health care and private accident insurances,… ).

They also take care of new employees. They want their employees to be part of the team from the first moment on. Therefore, they’ve developed a one-year onboarding program in which all new employees are heartily welcomed, included, supported in quickly settling in, connecting with other colleagues and contributing their skills and knowledge.

We can conclude that BASF is a company that takes care of its employees. They motivate them to stay healthy and fit, stimulate their development by offering development programs, reward them properly and take care of new employees. By concentrating on corporate wellbeing and organizing a yearly safety week, BASF shows that it wants to protect their employees from getting ill or injured.