New format Daman Hercules Trophy


New format Daman Hercules Trophy. Daman Hercules Trophy Dubai: 9 March 2017
Daman Hercules Trophy Abu Dhabi: 16 March 2017

2017: A new year and a new format for Daman Hercules Trophy UAE!

Hercules Trophy has been running its popular team building and business networking events for the past few years on Saturdays both at the Sevens in Dubai and last year at the Zayed Sports Stadium in Abu Dhabi.  The events have run from early morning through to the presentations and evening BBQ around 7.00pm and have been very popular.

We want to move the programme to a Thursday afternoon and continue until later in the evening.

Why change?
Employees in the UAE work long and hard and their weekends are precious for fun and family time. Employees feel very torn between attending a Corporate Event or being at home with the family.

As a Corporate Team Building event we have come up with the perfect timing to keep management and staff happy. Thursday afternoons tend to be a time when everyone leaves early and productivity is low. Everyone is gearing up for the weekend. What better time to hold a teambuilding event. We have suggested the afternoon and early evening so that work can carry on as usual in the morning.

The activities take part in the later part of the day which makes the day shorter and cooler for all the energetic activities. Having the well-deserved celebrations with the BBQ and prize giving is much more enjoyable knowing that tomorrow is not a work day.

This concept has been warmly accepted by Employers and Employees alike and we feel it will take Hercules Trophy to a new level with happy and involved staff.

We hope you like it!