Burn-Out: causes

Burn-Out: causes


Burn-Out: causes. On Friday 4 September, Hercules Academy organized an information session on burn-out, in collaboration with KBC and UNIZO, the Belgian entrepreneurs organisation. The topic ranged from the causes of burn-out to the different phases and treatment of the syndrome.

It was quite amazing to notice the reactions from the audience. Every single person in the room clearly had had a close encounter with burn-out, direc11872079_1046769765348065_8635519606150313706_otly or indirectly. So many people are looking for answers on how to react when burn-out emerges in their organisation or personal life. Even though a lot of people talk about it, there are very few directions on how to proceed.

The burn-out protocol, developed by Hercules Academy, shows that a multi-disciplinary approach is inevitable. It’s the only way to guarantee a relatively quick and sustainable solution to reintegrate employees with a burn-out into an organisation.

On 26 September we will be organizing another Symposium on Burn-Out “When Medical meets Corporate”, in collaboration with MediPress and Grünenthal. For the very first time, doctors, psychologists and corporate people will come together to discuss a significant problem in modern society: burn-out. A lot of organisations are looking for a sustainable solution to reintegrate their employees after a burn-out. That’s where a trusted advisor can help.


~BurnOut_SaveTheDateLeading speakers and specialists from different domains will teach the audience on new methods to prevent and treat the burn-out syndrome. Amongst the speakers: Professor Doctor Elke Van Hoof, journalist Chris Van den Abeele, Sabine Appelmans and many others. Find the programme here. Hercules Academy is proud to be a part of this historic
Symposium. As an organisation, it’s our aim to help and inform as many people as possible.

Therefor we have also published a few insights into the causes of burn-out. You are more than welcome to download our “Burn-Out Causes” article .and our article on the “Different Phases in Burn-Out“.

We hope these articles can help you in your personal quest. Happy reading!